Isn’t It Ironic…


irony 1




Again today, irony was alive and well in our classroom and it was enjoyable. Being able to identify the why’s and how’s of writing helps us understand what we are reading. We became irony detectives and read some stories that were very entertaining.

Today was library day and it seems that everyone is now equipped with something to “free read” each day. Reading independently is the best way to strengthenexit ticket reading skills in all areas. After reading today (and every day in the future) the students will fill out an Exit Ticket about how much they read, the book title and author, and content. They also started their Reading Logs for the last grading period.  I enjoyed grading these and seeing what interests the students. I love reading and watching the students enjoy it too makes me very happy.

true confessions


We continued reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle today and it is already starting to peak our interest. Each day it will get better and better. We are short a few copies so if anyoneship is at the public library and wants to check a copy out, please do. Also, if you want to download it on any of your electronic devices that works too.




AGENDA, March 13, 2013:

  • Free Read – Library Day
  • Exit Ticket after “free reading”
  • Irony – completed the Irony Detective Activity, graded, and discussed.
  • True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle – Block 1 read to page 7, Blocks 2 & 3 read to page 24.


  1. Reading Log – will be checked tomorrow
  2. Free Read at home
  3. Mystery Question – List the 3 types of irony and briefly tell what they are (HINT: there is a power point on yesterday’s blog that explains these). This will be for a grade.

I am posting work for tomorrow but DO NOT do any of it. You are not going to complete all parts and will need more information before completing.

True Confessions Prologue

True Confessions Ch 1 & 2

Context Clues Block 1 page 38

Context Clues Block 1 page 39-40

Context Clues Honors page 38

Context Clues Honors page 39-40

That seems to be enough for now. Thanks to all of you who have read this, remember I will be checking the Mystery Question tomorrow.








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