What’s the Clue?




Context clues was the skill of the day, with a bit of irony thrown in. Discussion centered around the importance of reading and how it leads to increased learning. Also, we talked about picking “just right” books and why that is necessary for optimal reading.

It may seem as though there will be a variety of literary and grammar skills covered in the next few weeks and that is correct. The students will be well prepared for the upcoming ISTEP+ test.

Covering these skills means some extra practice. Instead of using paper and pencil I will be linking the work to the blog. I have already put some on and more will follow. We may not use all of the work at one time, but the good thing is, it will be there when we are ready to use it.

context clues


**Tomorrow during Block 2 the students in choir will be going to the high school to see a teaser for the spring musical. Those students will be responsible for all of the work while they are gone, so make sure and check this blog and tomorrow’s for anything that needs to be completed.

AGENDA, March 14, 2013:

  • Free read – Exit ticket
  • Context Clues – workshop and practice
  • Checked reading logs
  • Checked “Mystery” blog activity


  1. Bring charged Netbook to class
  2. Bring Free Reading book
  3. Finish Context Clues page 38 – all Blocks, make sure and do the one for your class
  4. Mystery Activity – Read this riddle and write down the answer.  Shhhh! Don’t tell any one the answer when you figure it out.


A man was going to buy a $5000 car, but he didn’t pay a penny for the car, how is this possible?





Reminder to Kamron Dickens – Don’t forget the duct tape, thanks!

st patricks day


Everyone did a great job today, yeah for all of you!!!





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