A Tornado Drill Teaser…




What does that mean? Well, today we had a bad weather/tornado drill followed by the music classes goinginto the woods to the high school to see the “Into the Woods” teaser; therefore, it was a busy morning at NJHS.



Also, high on the list of importance is the Big Ten basketball tournament. My family has their eye on this because we are  house divided. My daughter, Allison, went to Indiana University and my son, Alex, went to Purdue. So we say “GO HOOSIERS!” and “BOILER UP!”, sometimes in the same game.

seating chartBecause many were missing in Block 2, the students moved the seats around and now we have more room and a better arrangement. Thanks to those in that block that led the way. It was greatly appreciated. Make sure when you come in Monday that you choose a seat where you will be able to do your BEST work. Now, speaking of best work, it is once again time to mention accountability. There are several students who are not working up to their potential and that is not a good thing. We are fast approaching not only the ISTEP+ test but the end of the school year, and everyone needs to be putting in their best effort. You are the only personaccountability responsible for your success. I believe that all of you have the potential to do great things, but my belief has to be met by your effort. Please take a few minutes over the weekend to assess the job you have been doing in school lately and answer the Mystery Question. If you like what you see then good for you. If you think there is room for improvement – make some!


AGENDA, March 15, 2013:

  • Free read/ Achieve 3000
  • Context Clues page 39-40


  1. Finish Context Clues pages 38, 39, & 40
  2. Block 1 – finish assigned Achieve 3000 article – Due Monday
  3. MYSTERY QUESTION: If school was your job would you be given a promotion for a job well done or would you be fired for not doing everything you needed to do? Write several lines or a paragraph explaining the above question. Is what areas might you need improvement and how do you expect to accomplish this?
  4. Have your Netbook charged and ready to go

Monday we will be hitting the ground running, as the saying goes. Lots of thingsSt Patricks Day 1 to learn and not enough time to do it, so be ready, rested, and eager to move forward. Enjoy this weekend and have a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day.





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