The Start of the End…


back to schoolThat sounds like figurative language to me, in this case an oxymoron, the main topic of class today. Lots of strategies and skills will be covered in the next few weeks that will ensure that everyone is ready for the ISTEP+ test. It seems as though the writing portion was a big success so it is important that the intensity is maintained for the multiple choice portion of the test.

That brings me to again say how the blog will be reorganized in the weeks ahead. Every day I will link all of the resources, notes, and practice in the morning so the work is accessible for class. None of what is linked is due until it is covered in class and assigned. It will be important to have a charged Netbook EVERY day.

In the afternoon I will make another post to list the agenda and assignments, along with any necessary information. You will have to check the blog both during class and each afternoon or evening.

The READING LOG needs to be updated on a regular basis, don’t let this slip your mind. This Thursday will be the next library day, make sure and bring your books.

AGENDA, April 1, 2013

  • 12 Skill Assessment – Lesson 3
  • Free Read/ Achieve 3000
  • Figurative Language Flipchart – review


  1. Free Read/ Achieve 3000/ Reading Log
  2. Block 2 & 3 – Coach p. 22 & 23 Idioms & Comparisons – read and review
  3. Block 2 & 3 – Coach p. 24-25 – Complete for homework if not finishedfigurative language
  4. Block 2 & 3 – Coach p. 86 & 87 – Literary Devices – read and review
  5. Block 2 & 3 – Coach p. 88-89 – Literary Devices – Complete for homework if not finished

***Block 1 will cover these tomorrow.

Today is April Fool’s Day and remarkably I have not heard a single reference yet. No one has tried to “fool” me. I would say that the break wore everyone out, but due to april fools daythe amount of talking, people’s mouths seem to be working just fine.

It is good to be back to school!!

REMINDER: English Academic Team members: There is a meet tomorrow at Thompkins, please make sure and either wrear your shirt or bring it to change into. Also, try to review the material and vocabulary.




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