Talking, Talking, and Not Enough Listening…



The title of this post says it all. While it is spring and the school year is winding down for 8th graders, the level of attention and concentration is not where it should be. I do not want to sound like a broken record (simile, ha! ha!), but this has to be corrected immediately. The same respect should be shown the student teacher, Miss Craig, as is shown to me. I am always very proud of all of you and enjoy every day, although the last few days have not been a lot of fun. Each of you need to take some time and reflect on how your bloggerbehavior is affecting the classroom each day. If each of you, individually, made an effort there would be a big improvement. Look at the assignments to see that the Kidblog will start again today and these thoughts might be part of the topic.

AGENDA, April 2, 2013

  • IDOE Assessment – Informational Text, Manuals
  • Free Read
  • The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle to page 55
  • Finish review of Figurative Language
  • Began Capitalization


  1. Update Reading Log
  2. Coach p 110 111 Capitalization Group Passage and Practice – Due tomorrow
  3.  Free Reading book REQUIRED for class tomorrow
  4. BLOG POST: Give 3 ways FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE makes writing andfrustration even reading better. List 2 types of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE and give an example of each.

figurative language power point

Here is the power point if you need it.

I will not ask you to write about the talking and behavior because a lot of you are already doing what you should be doing, although if you are one of the few that aren’t making good decisions at this time please think about what you are doing and make an attempt toward improvement.

***The Kidblog posts are back. There will not be one every day, so you have to check to make sure to write one if there is a topic. Now that I have a student teacher I can check that you have made a post each time one is assigned.

Here is a reminder of how to log on to Kidblog.


After you log in, use the dropdown menu and click on your name and then log in. If you do not have a log in tell me tomorrow and I will make sure you have one.

Always keep in mind that I know that all of you are the BEST!! I just want every one else to feel that way too.


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