I’m Late, I’m Late For A Very Important Post…










Since Kidblog posts have returned I need to reset the guidelines.

  • I will be making a comment on all posts entered
  • The posts are due before class the following day they are assigned. Ex: today’s post is due before class tomorrow. If it is after that time you will get half credit. After that day you will get no credit, so make sure and stay caught up.
  • Put thought into your posts. I will start off giving points for completion and then switch to points for quality of work.
  • If you have trouble with the website or internet write your post out and show it to me the next day and I will give credit, then type it into Kidblog and make your post.

AGENDA, April 3, 2013:


  1. Blog Topic –  CAPITALIZATION rules are important! Tell whyblogger 1
    they are
     important, when do you need to use them, and what might happen if they aren’t used properly.

***Check above guidelines again.

The overall behavior was MUCH improved today. A big thank you to every one, as I always say, “You are the BEST!!!”


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