Resources: Wednesday, April 10, 2013…


April 10



I am going to repost the assignment for today and add the Kidblog post. I am posting this early so that if you have time you can start to work on it.




  1. Punctuation (this won’t take very long) – look over pages 112 & 113 and then do pages 114 &1 15 on paper for a grade. This will be turned in tomorrow. Coach p 112 Punctuation; Coach p 113 Punctuation Practice; Coach p 114 115 Punctuation Group Passage and Practice
  2. KIDBLOG TOPIC: Imagine you are writing a book review (which really is a summary) of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, where every word you use costs money. Each word used costs $.10 and you only have $2.00 to spend. That means you can use 20 words.

Now that you have written your 20 word review of Charlotte Doyle, do the same kind of review for your FREE READING book – $.10 per word, $2.00 to spend, 20 words. Also, you must tell what book you are reading, both title and author.

             Recap: For this post you will write TWO book reviews of 20 words each, one for Charlotte Doyle and one for your Free Read book (including title  & author).  



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