Resources: Thursday, April 11, 2013…


April 11





Today is going to be a catch-up to get everything completed and turned in. The following is what needs to be finished:

Kidblog April 2, 2013:

Give 3 ways FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE makes writing better.

List 2 types of FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE and give an example for each.


Kidblog April 3, 2013:

CAPITALIZATION rules are important! Tell why they are important, when do you
need to use them, and what might happen if they aren’t used properly.


Kidblog April 4, 2013:

How does using correct capitalization
and punctuation affect your writing (and really your reading, too)? How are your abilities judged by the way you use these two skills effectively?


Kidblog April 10, 2013:

Imagine you are writing a book review (which really is a summary) of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, where every word you use costs money. Each word used costs $.10 and you only have $2.00 to spend. That means you can use 20 words.

Now that you have written your 20 word review of Charlotte Doyle, do the same kind of review for your FREE READING book – $.10 per word, $2.00 to spend, 20 words. Also, you must tell what book you are reading, both title and author.

 Recap: For this post you will write TWO book reviews of 20 words each, one for Charlotte Doyle and one for your Free Read book (including title  & author).

Punctuation Practice:

Coach p 112 Punctuation

Coach p 113 Punctuation Practice

Coach p 114 115 Punctuation Group Passage and Practice – this needs to be turned in today


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