And Unit 2 Begins…


thursday thoughts

The end of this week will wrap up Unit 1. Monday Unit 2 will get underway. Here are the “I Can” statements for this unit so that you can see what skills and standards are going to be modeled, taught, practiced, and assessed in the next 3 weeks. Unit 2 I Can Statements

quiz wiz

Also, with every unit there will be a new list of literary vocabulary terms. These terms will be covered on Mondays and then tested on Fridays. Here is the list for Unit 2: UNIT TWO VOCABULARY There will be a quiz tomorrow over Unit 2 words 42-51.

The After the Bell Programs will be starting next week, September 16, 2013. I will be the instructor for the “Extra Innings” program which will be on Mondays and extra inningsWednesdays. This will be a time for tutoring, reteaching, practice, retesting, completion of assignments & projects, etc. Basically, anything that a students needs in ELA to stay current in their class or improve their grade. They may attend has many times as they like or every time. No early sign-up is needed.

agendaAgenda – September 12, 2013


Finish AIMS Web testing

Comma Practice – Due tomorrow: Comma-Detective-4; practice-with-commas eReading

Supplies for tomorrow:

Free Reading book – library day will be Friday, closed on Thursday

Study for Vocabulary Quiz

Grade Comma Practice, complete sentences on “Practice with Commas”

Listen to The Adventures of the Speckled Band

Block 1& 2 – Achieve 3000 – Netbooks charged and ready

Block 3 – Kidblog – Netbooks charged and ready

This has been a busy week, but a lot has been accomplished and overall the behavior issues have decreased. So good job all around.


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