Finally Fabulous Friday is Here…


back to school bashAfter having a week filled with testing, learning, practicing, and assessments, it is finally Friday and we have all earned a few days of rest and relaxation. The students will be having a wonderful time at the Back to School Bash this afternoon. Thanks to our amazing PTSA for providing such a fun activity for the students at NJHS.

Here are the things to be aware of for next week:

1. I will be linking the daily agenda that appears on the Promethean Board each day to the blog. AGENDA Sept. 13 Blog If you are absent or haven’t finished something you can refer to this link and get what you need.

2. The Vocabulary Retest for Unit 1 will be Monday, September 16, 2013.

3. Block 1 & 2 should complete at lease 1 article at home before Monday.achieve 3000

4. Block 3 – Task Sheet – there will be time to work on Monday.

5. bellBell Work from the agenda will be due Monday.

6. Comma Practice will be graded Monday Comma-Detective-4, practice-with-commas eReading

AGENDA – September 13, 2013 ( linked above, from now on it will be linked here)

Back to School Bash, Friday the 13th, change in weather = excited kids!!!

Have a great weekend.




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