Beginning of a New Unit…


startToday we started Unit 2 in 8th grade ELA. This unit’s skills will be text structure, inference, point of view, author’s purpose, discussions, and extended writing. There is also a new set of “I Can” statements Unit 2 I Can Statements. Now that Unit 1 is over and the Summative Assessment has been given, anyone who received below a 3 or 3+ will have the opportunity to retest the specific skills which they have notspongebob achieved mastery. The reteaching and retesting will begin next week. Keep in mind once the grades are entered that these grades are NOT final. Once a student has retested and achieved mastery, their grade will be updated to the higher score.

There will not be any new vocabulary words this week because all of the words for Unit 2 were completed last Monday. There will be a quiz on Friday over ALL of the words. Here is the Quizlet practice site:

This is a great way to learn the words. Getting a 3 or 3+ means that there is no retesting necessary. So it is worth the time to study and achieve mastery the first time.  The retest for Unit 1 was today, once they are graded a new list will come out of students who need further retesting.

Blocks 1 & 2 – Just a reminder to be completing activities on Achieve 3000. Remember 5 need to be completed this week.

Here is today’s agenda, I will send attaching the document so it will be more complete. AGENDA Sept 16 2013

The “After the Bell” sessions began today. I will be the teacher for English/Language Arts on Mondays and Wednesdays. If a student needs furtherextra innings 2 instruction or practice this is a good time to do that. Also, retesting can be done during this time also, when convenient. This is also time for studetns to complete homework, projects, writing, etc., with help, at these sessions.

That’s about all for today. Have a good evening!




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  1. Hi Mrs. Kassenbrock,
    Could you please remove me and my parents from the recipient list for the class blog? Thanks so much!

    Brooke Bittner

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