The Snake Did It…


speckled band

Today The Adventures of the Speckled Band came to an end. There weren’t many students that guessed a snake bite was what killed Julia, although many had deduced that Dr. Roylott was responsible. Now we will be on to our next mystery…what could it be?



AGENDA – September 17, 2013:  AGENDA Sept 17, 2013 (click on link to see entire agenda)


  1. Formative Assessment tomorrow – Author’s Purpose & Text Structure
  2. Library on Thursday
  3. Vocabulary Quiz Words
  4. Blocks 1 & 2 continue working on Achieve 3000 articles this week
  5. Unit 1 Summative Assessment grades will be posted soon.

detectiveWell, so that was our day today and it was a very productive one.


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