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blogAs of today EVERYONE must follow the classroom blog every day. I will be posting short assignments that will NOT have been given in class and need to be completed at home. This will not happen everyday, but the blog must be read to see what is expected for the following day. These assignments will be counted toward the student’s grade.



test 1Soon retesting will begin for the standards and skills that students did not showlunch mastery in. The retesting will be done either during a student’s commons time at lunch or after school during the “Extra Innings” program, which is on Mondays and Wednesdays. If those after school times are not convenient, alternate days can be arranged. Along with the retesting a packet of information and practice will be sent home with the student. This will extra inningsneed to be completed, signed by a parent, and returned to me before retesting can be arranged. As soon as grades appear on RDS if a student’s score is lower than a “3” the packet will be distributed for each skill that needs to be retested. Please let me know if there are any questions.

AGENDA, Septemebr 18, 2013


  • LIBRARY will be tomorrow, so please bring the books you need to either return or renew
  • Vocaulary Quiz Friday – Unit 2 words, 52-62.

ASSIGNEMNT for tomorrow, Thursday, September 19, 2013:

  • comma-uses-handout
  • easter-island-commas-worksheet
  • Use the comma usage link for reference to complete the Easter Island practice. You DO NOT have to write the sentence. Put the word that comes before the comma and then insert the comma where it is needed.

See you tomorrow!


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