Let Me Write You a Story…


narrativeToday started the beginning of the quest for excellent writing. Narrative writing is where we will begin and then grow from there. The narrative will take approximately 4-5 days to complete… one step at a time. It will take the form of a story retold from an alternate characters point of view. The original story will be revealed tomorrow. Check for updates as it progresses.



AGENDA – September 19, 2013:

AGENDA Sept 19, 2013


  • Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow – Unit 2 – 52-62
  • Make sure Netbooks are being charged every evening.
  • Being tardy to class will now be recorded, so please be in class (all classes) on time and in your seat, with what you need for class, ready to get started.
  • Dress code needs to followed every day.
  • Retests for Unit 1 Vocabulary must be rescheduled tomorrow. The test may be retaken at lunch or after school Mondays and Wednesdays.

ASSIGNMENT for tomorrow:

  1. Blocks 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000
  2. All blocks – study for vocabulary test100% CLub
  3. All blocks – because today was library day and everyone has a free reading book to read – tonight read at least 15 minutes, write alibrary books paragraph about what you read (include title, author, page numbers read, what it was about), have a parent sign it and I will collect it tomorrow. This will count as a grade for Standard RL.8.10, so it IS important!

Another week is almost over, let’s make this Friday a GREAT one!






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