Finally, Fabulous Friday…


Friday posts are usually pretty short with an overview of what is to come in the next week.tgif

Here is the agenda for today:

  •        1, Take Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz 52-62
  •        2. Comma Exit Ticket – retest will be given if proficiency is not at 3 or 3+exit ticket
  •        3. Collect Blog assignments Free Reading Response
  •        4. Watched the video of The Adventures of the Speckled Band


Next Week:

  • Monday – Summative Test – Unit 2 Vocabulary Words 42 – 62, retest will be given Friday
  • Retest for Unit 1 Vocabulary – anyone who need to retest will do it Monday
  • Writing – finish instruction and completion of Narrative Writing
  • Review Unit 1 Summative Assessment and update “I Can” Statements
  • Free Reading book must be in class everyday
  • Blog Assignments that will be counted toward grade – blog must be read everyday

By the end of next week you should have a much clearer picture of the students’ progress up to this point. If grades are entered this weekend, keep in mind, if they are low, there will be practice and retesting so the grade can be accountabilityraised. Students will need to be accountable for their own grade and mastery of skills.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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