Will You Recognize Snow White?


First let me get a few things out-of-the-way and then I will continue to explain the NARRATIVE writing assignment.

super starFirst, Conley Yates in Block 1 was the high scorer from North Junior High School on Achieve 3000 yesterday!! That is quite the accomplishment and we are very proud of him. Here is a challenge to all Block 1 & 2 students – who can be the next TOP SCORER from not only North Junior High School, the state of Indiana, or the nation. WOW! Those are amazing goals.

Parents – papers will be going home tomorrow to show what skills/standards that need to be retaught, practiced, and retested to achieveparent signature proficiency. It does need a parent signature and returned to me as soon as possible.

AGENDA – September 25, 2013

AGENDA Sept 25


  • Vocabulary retest Friday Unit 2 UNIT TWO VOCABULARY
  • Achieve 3000 Blocks 1 & 2
  • LIBRARY tomorrow
  • Comma Retest Friday


  1. Look at the Power Point again if you need review Narrative Essay Plan Power Point
  2. IMPORTANT: look at the end of the Power Point at the example of the plan for The Adventures of the Speckled Band essay written from Dr. Roylott’s point of view
  3. Assignment: rewrite Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs from the point of view of either one of the dwarfs Seven Dwarfs, the prince, or the wicked queen.
  4. Start you planning/organization using this outline Narrative Essay Snow White Outline (make sure and use the example on the Power Point as a guide)
  5. A few things to consider before starting your draft, after it is reviewed.

In your point of view narrative, be sure to include these things:

commas in a series

the use of an ellipsis (I will explain)

comma after an introductory word or phrase

comma in a compound sentence

The PLAN should be at least started for tomorrow’s class. Do NOT start your draft until we go over your outline together.

One last item, please consider everything that happened in your class today. Tonight think of ways that you could show improvement tomorrow. The rest of your class and I would greatly appreciate it. Have a good evening.


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