Hello Good Writers…


writingWriting is alive and well in room G134. The wheels are spinning and good things are happening. Since reading and writing are such important skills in everyone’s life, it is crucial that the students become the best they can be at them.

SInce I put so mant posts on yesterday afternoon and evening, today will be a wrap-up of what will happen and what is due tomorrow.



acgieve 3000 1RECOGNITION: ACHIEVE 3000 Top Scorers



Bryleigh Meeks was the TOP SCORER at NJHS one day last week.

Cory Whitaker was the top scorer at NJHS yesterday


  1. Have the retest paper signed and bring back tomorrowdraft
  2. Finish your outline for the Snow White NARRATIVE Writing
  3. At least do 1/2 of you draft from the outline.
  4. Study Vocabulary Unit 2 if you have to retest


Have a good evening and write, write, write.


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