Finally Friday…


weekendThe weekend is here and we all deserve a rest. Next week, as always, seems like it is going to be a busy one. Here is what is happening:

MONDAY – Acuity Predictive A –  Need charged Netbook to take the test

Finish “Snow White” NARRATIVE Writing – Final

paper due Tuesday

Blocks 1 & 2 – check Achieve Record Sheets

TUESDAY – SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – Unit 2 –  Text Structure (RL.8.5 & RI.8.5) and Author’s Purpose (IN8.2.7) and INFERENCE Mini-lesson and practice

WEDNESDAY – Author’s Point of View – Mini-lesson and introduction of project

THURSDAY – SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – Unit 2 – Inference (RL.8.1 & RI.8.1) and

Author’s Point of View (RL.8.6)

FRIDAY –  Yet to be determined

All of this, except testing is subject to change.

acgieve 3000 1

CONGRATULATIONS: Jazmyn Liebhart was the top scorer at NJHS on Achieve 3000 yesterday. Great Job!




  • Retest Vocabulary Unit 2
  • Retest Commas
  • NARRATIVE WRITING – work on outline/planning, draft, and final paper

Reminders for Final NARRATIVE Paper:

  1. If typing, double space, no larger than 12 font
  2. If possible print at home, otherwise, bring in on a Flash Drive or email your paper to me
  3. Do not forget to include the required commas:

commas in a series

the use of an ellipsis

comma after an introductory word or phrase

comma in a compound sentence, must use a conjunction


dont forget


Block 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000 – 5 articles due Monday

Scholastic Book Orders have been passed out. If anyone is interested in purchasing books, I will collect the $$ any time. We appreciate your purchases,scholastic because through them the class gets points to purchase new books for our classroom library.

It has been a very productive week, thanks for the hard work. Enjoy the weekend.


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