Let the Testing Begin…


acuityToday was the Acuity Predictive A test and I am happy to report that it was a huge success! The students were very focused and were trying their best. It was GREAT! The scores were high and most students showed growth since last year. In the next few days students will be setting goals for the Acuity Predictive B test. Also, I will besimply the best sharing the results from the AIMS Web evaluations, so that the students can see what their Lexile Level is. Even though I already believed this, today showed me that we are going to have a wonderful year.



narrative essay


Tomorrow the NARRATIVE Point of View Essays are DUE. There are several ways they can be turned in: email the paper to me, bring it on a flash drive, print it at home, or hand write it. Make sure and put the planning outline and the draft in your writing folder to use later. This is important!



AGENDA Sept. 30


  • Summative Assessment (Text Structure & AUthor’s Purpose) tomorrow
  • Turn in Final Narrative Essay Due
  • Retesting MUST be completed by October 10, 2013, so schedule your retesting time as soon as possible
  • Charged Netbooks need to be in class tomorrow

Again, let me say, that today was a really good day! Let’s make tomorrow one too, because every day is a good day at North Junior High School.




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