The End Is Near…


report card



The end of the grading period, that is. Here are the things that must be considered before the grading period ends:



  1. Last day for me to accept grades is October 10, 2013.
  2. All retesting must be completed by October 9, 2103.
  3. Students are responsible for arranging retesting.
  4. This Friday, October 4, 2013, will be a retesting day in class. This is a time to be prepared and get as many tests as possible completed.
  5. Check RDS regularly to see how you are doing. Grades will be updated in a timely manner.

Reminders for RDS:

  • It will NEVER show a point total.
  • The grade it shows will ALWAYS be an “N” (I believe this is for no grade)
  • The final grade will be entered on the last day of the grading period with the following calculations:

Only the amount of 3’s & 3+’s will be used toward the final grade

Count the total number of grades entered; A = 90% of 3 or 3+, B = 80% of 3 or 3+, C = 70% of 3 or 3+, D = 60% of 3 or 3+, F = 59% or below .

AGENDA: (Computer is not working so I will write it out)

authors purpose



1. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – text structure & author’stext structure 1 purpose

2. Turn in Final NARRATIVE Point of View Writing

3. INFERENCE – mini-lesson & practice is time permits


  • ALL Narrative Point of View Writing must be turned in by tomorrow
  • Netbooks need to be charged and ready to go tomorrow, we will be using them
  • The first Scholastic Book Order will be placed Friday. If anyone isscholastic interested in ordering and cannot get the order in by that date, I will place additional orders when necessary.

That seems to sum it up for today, see you tomorrow!



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  1. Keith is staying after school today. Could he work with you on his retake sections for this Friday’s test during that time? I also wanted to follow up on the literature course he is taking on line. It is actually based out of Northwestern University. They use comics to engage the students, both in writing and drawing, to develop creative and conceptual thinking. The comics are not store comics; rather, they are books. Keith has a list of books he must read for this course. He wanted permission to use these books for his free reading time. An example is: Page by Paige (sorry- forgot author). If you would like to review the books before you decide if they are appropriate, that would be fine. Please let me know!   Thank you, Stacie Makhecha


    • Yes, he certainly can work on his retest materials. He also can use any of these books for free reading time. I would love to see the list of books, there might be something I could use here. Thanks for getting in touch. Let me know if I can do anything else.

      Mrs. Leeann Kassenbrock
      North Junior High School
      8th Grade English Language Arts

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