It Has Been a Good, So I Infer…


inferenceAs the reader can tell the skill/standard for today was inference. This is something that is done by everyone, every day. Finally, a place where there is no real right or wrong, just the educated guess.

Blocks 1 & 2 also opened their Kidblog accounts today. Now all students have their own blog. These will be used exclusively for class writing. There are many goodblog 2 good things about these blogs, one being that they act as a digital portfolio for each student’s writing throughout the year. It is a running record of the progress made in every aspect of individual student writing. Please take a minute to look at, not only your writing, but that of others students. Each Block has their own site:  Block 1  Block 2  Block 3



  1. Retests will start tomorrow and Friday


extra innings 3EXTRA INNINGS –

This after school program is available to all students in English/Language Arts on Monday and Wednesday. I am the teacher in charge. It is a great place to retest, stay current with assignments, and get extra help in ELA, including reading, grammar, and writing.

This is a voluntary program, although if a student fails to turn in assignments or needs to finish something I will assign them to attend a session to insure work is completed in a timely manner.

Have a great evening!


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