Monday, Monday…


Here it is again…Monday. Although this is a short week, there are lots of things to accomplish. So, get ready, here we go.

fall festival 2


The West Side Fall Festival starts today and it looks like the weather will be beautiful. That can either be really good (those people going and enjoying themselves) or really bad (students coming to class with Fall Festivalitis). This week is an important one because it is the last week of the grading period, or the last week before grades go in. So go, have a good time, but be ready for school each day.



There were two top scorers on Achieve 300 this last week:paws

  • ASHLEY GREER – daily top scorer at NJHS
  • CARTER ROLLINS – weekly top scorer at NJHS

**Congratulations to both of them for a job well done!


feesSeveral students  have had some confusion about the ConnectEd message concerning classroom fees. The massage was to tell students and parents that originally the fees were to be added to student book rentals. That was not done, so now the class fees need to be paid at school in individual classes. The fee for 8th grade ELA is $5.00. Several students have already paid and I have informed them that they can disregard this message.


The Scholastic Book Fair is going to be the last week of October (October 28-book fairNovember 1). The 8th grade ELA department needs help with this event. If anyone could possibly help, we would really appreciate it. There are usually two shifts, morning and afternoon. This event is where we get money to purchase new materials, novels, and books for classroom libraries, so it is very important. Please email me and let me know if you can help, what day you can work, and what shift you would like at


AGENDA Oct 7, 2013

The following materials are needed for today’s agenda:

reader response

ASSIGNMENT: Reader Response (completed on Kidblog)

**When writing, how do you make sure that the reader can understand any inferences that are included? Think of the things that a reader needs in order to understand an inference – see INFERENCE Power Point Making+Inferences Power Point


Remember, what was completed in class today is needed for class tomorrow, so make sure and have the INFERENCE paragraph done.


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