Short Week, Lots To Do…


reviewEven though this is a short week, there is a lot to accomplish before grades go in next week. Today I will be putting on several review activities that I will be taking a score on. Please pay close attention to all of the directions and when to complete the work.



Today we started on AUTHOR’S POINT of VIEW. Tomorrow the instruction will point of viewwrap up and then it will be time to start on a AUTHOR’S POINT of VIEW Manual Project. Thanks to an enthusiastic suggestion from Block 3, this will be done in partners (Yes, that does mean only two people). I am linking several items that will be needed for the project onto this post. These will need to be referred to over the next few days.

super star


We also had a NJHS top scorer on Achieve 3000 again today;

Stephen Walters was yesterday’s top scorer – we are very proud of him!





AGENDA Oct 8, 2013

Here is all of the things you will need for the next few days: DO not start them until tomorrow (Text Structure 1) (Text Structure 2) Use Author’s Purpose Pretest

  • AUTHOR’S POINT of View Manual Project:

These are Power Points that you can refer back to

Point of View first-second-and-third-person-lesson

Point of View -third-person-narration-lesson


Guidelines for POINT of VIEW Manual Project:

  • Work in partners – both will be responsible for final project and do equal work
  • Follow Project Guidelines
  • Due MONDAY for presentation – MUST be emailed to me by then

Point of View websites Use these sites to help find needed information. You can also use other sites.


I changed my mind, there will be NO reader response tonight. You may thank me tomorrow. Have a good evening!




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