1st Grading Period at an End…


classroomThis is the last week that any work will be accepted and retests will be given. This is first grading period for Proficiency/Mastery grading. With this has come many questions and concerns, which hopefully will be satisfied in the near future. Here is the letter that was sent home at the beginning of the year to help explain this type of grading; Proficiency Grading Information 2013. Grades should be finished by the middle of next week and students will know the grade they will be receiving.

masteryNext week begins Unit 3 in 8th grade ELA classrooms. Skills/standards to be covered in this unit are; irony, point of view conflicting viewpoints, structure, format, and purpose of informational materials, narrative writing (focusing on character and narrator development, point of view, plot, transitions, word choice, and conclusion), context clues, Greek/Latin roots, and refernece materials. Along with all of these we will continue to practice and reinforce previously taught skills/standards.

While the above seems to be a lot of work, there are many fun and excitingHalloween activities being planned as well, all centering around Halloween. All of those will take place the week of October 28, 2013. It might be scary!

Classroom G134 had another daily high scorer on Achieve 3000 yesterday. It seems that our room is filled with “smart cookies”.

  • Robery Alvey was the top scorer at NJHS. What an accomplishment!


  • Summative Assessment – inference and point of view
  • Vocabulary Practice (40 points) due tomorrow
  • Blocks 1 & 2 catch up on Achieve 3000 – will be checked Monday
  • Block 3 – POINT of VIEW Manual Project – due Monday

Helpful Hints:

  1. Here a power point already turned in for Unit 3 Vocabulary Practice. Thisquiz 1 would be great to study from. Quiz tomorrow over words 62-77.

Unit 3 Alex Vocab Presentation

2.   Unit 3 Vocabulary Practice Due tomorrow – must equal 40 points

3.   Blocks 1& 2 – complete all Achieve 3000 articles that aren’t finished

4.   Block 3 – Work on POINT of VIEW Project Manual

5.   Do not forget to pay the $5.00 class fee fees 1


important datesREMINDER: We are still needing workers for the Scholastic Book Fair the week of October 28. Please email me if you are able to help. Your willingness is greatly appreciated!


Remember tomorrow is the LAST day for this week, YEAH!


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  1. Hi Mrs. Kassenbrock, it’s Tom. I forgot the paper, that had all the stuff we needed for the manual, in school. Is it possible that you could email it to me as an attachment?


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