Rain, Rain Go Away…


rainIt seems as though the rain that is here will bring much cooler temperatures. That means fall has arrived. Please make sure and consider that when dressing for school each day and wear the appropriate clothing. Sometimes the classrooms are kind of chilly.




  • Ashley Greer has reached her 40 Activity Goal. This means she has been goalsworking diligently in completing many activities. This is another BIG achievement for her.



irony3Today the skills/standards that were covered were irony and context clues. This leads to behavior in some classes that could be described as situational irony. Some of the students with the most potential seem to having the most difficulty with their behavior. This is only a very small number, but enough to disrupt and disturb class. This being the beginning of a new grading period, it would be an ideal time to fix these problems and move toward better behavior. The appropriate and outstanding behavior of most students is greatly appreciated. So those of you who are showing responsibility and respect, give yourself a big pat on the back.


  • CONTEXT CLUES – continue study guide
  • IRONY – watched videos of verbal, situational, and dramatic irony, explained and discussed skill
  • Vocabulary Unit 3 Practice – 40 points – due Fridayblog 1

**All of the materials you will need to complete the above work was linked to yesterday’s blog and you can access them there.

**There will not be a Reader Response or an assignment tonight, this should give you time to work on the Vocabulary or ACHIEVE 3000.


  1. Achieve 3000 – 5 articles due Monday
  2. Vocabulary Unit 3 (78-92) due Friday
  3. SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT Friday – irony and context clues
  4. Netbook – charged and ready tomorrow. We will be doing a WebQuest
  5. Free Read book needed tomorrow
  6. Don’t forget to pay your $5.00 ELA fee, if you haven’t already done so



school suppliesI hate to ask again, but it is an ongoing need for supplies. You may wonder what the ELA fee pays for. That money goes toward buying supplementary reading materials and resources. The supplies that are used daily have to be purchased another way. I purchase most of them, but it gets kind of costly. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. The following is what is needed at this time:




  • Hand Sanitizer (cold and flu season is right around the corner)
  • Dry erase markers ( any color or any kink)
  • Kleenex – Always
  • Notecards (lines or unlined)
  • 1 to 2 inch rings book rings
  • Pencils

I cannot thank every one for all that you do! Have a nice evening.


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