I’m Back, Let’s Start Working…


i'm backYesterday must have been a good day for all of you. You made me proud! The note that Mrs. Martin left said that everything went very well, everyone was well-behaved and working hard. That is exactly what all teachers want to hear when they return to school. I appreciate that all of you behaved in the expected manner. Hopefully, you were able to complete all of the work.

As of this week there will be dedicated time allowed at least several days perfree reading 1 week of free reading. Although this is called “free reading” there are a few guidelines that need to be followed in choosing a book for this time.

  • It needs to be on your “just right” level (not too easy and not too difficult)
  • It needs to have words –  a “chapter” book
  • It needs to be a book that you are interested in and want to read from beginning to end. This book will be used to complete skill/standard practice and assignments
  • It needs to brought to class EVERY day.

ACHIEVE 3000 –

reading is funHIroki Kamakura was the top scorer at NJHS yesterday. This is a giant accomplishment for him. If you see Hiroki please tell him “job well done”.


Each week all students have to complete 5 articles and this has not been going very well for all students. Starting this week there is going to be a lot more accountability assigned to these activities. WhIle there will be time set aside in class several times each week, working on this at home is a necessity.


Students will now be able to access the Holt Elements of Literature Textbookholt textbook online. User names and passwords have been given out and the site can be accessed at;


Not all stories are available, but for the most part this site is very complete. There will also be assignments, etc. given using this site.


  1. Free read – see above explanation
  2. Discuss Holt Online Textbook
  3. Begin reading Flowers for Algernon
  4. Turn in Study Guide and Poe WebQuest
  5. Block 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000
  6. Block 3 Lamb to the Slaughter video
  7. New Study Guide for Point of View Conflicting Viewpoints, Greek/Latin Roots, & Flowers for Algernon   Study Guide Pt of View, Greek Latin Flowers


  • Letters are going home today for volunteers for the Book Fair. I will also send out an email about this.
  • Unit 3 vocabulary retest will be Friday

See you tomorrow!


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