We’re Going to the Fair…


book fair 1Today begins the week-long Scholastic Book Fair. Students will have the opportunity every day to browse and purchase items each day. All of the proceeds will be put directly back into each ELA classroom in the form of free reading books, novel sets, and supplementary materials. This year the selection is amazing. There is something for everyone, at every reading level, and every interest level. We appreciate any support that you can provide for our book fair.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Monday, October 28, 2013

ANnouncements Oct 28


  • Visit to the Book Fair
  • Free Read – explanation of EXIT TICKETSexit ticket1
  • Greek/Latin Roots Project  – Due Wednesday greek latin roots1(Block 1 & 2), Tuesday (Block 3)

**Don’t forget to look for pictures to use if you are doing the index card option.






  1. Please pay $5.00 fee as soon as possible
  2. Bring in supplies, again if poosible, Kleenex, hand sanitizer, dry erase markers

This was a good start to a busy week, keep it up!


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