Tuesday Was A Project In Itself…


Greek Latin Roots 3It has been a very busy Tuesday, but the students have been working really hard. Tomorrow, short Greek/Latin root word projects are due. From what has already been turned in, they are looking great! It is always interesting to see how all of the different students approach the same assignment. Individual creativity really pays off.

INFORMATION: Thursday is Halloween and also school picture day. The regular Halloween 2dress code is in effect for that day. Also, students are not to put unnatural colors in their hair or wear costumes of any kind.

announcements 4ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Announcements Oct 29





November 2013 Lunch Menu Middle and Jr High Menu


  • Study Guide – Point of View Conflicting Viewpoints (mini-lesson, discussion, practice). Exit Ticket tomorrow.
  • Work on and share Greek/Latin Roots project


  1. Vocabulary Unit 3, words 63-92 retest Friday, November 1vocabulary 2
  2. Irony & Context Clues retest Friday, November 1
  3. Achieve 3000 check sheet (5 articles) due next Monday, November 4
  4. Exit Ticket for Free Reading will be turned in Friday, November 1. The summary on the back can be started at anytime. Remember to fill out the info on the front as you read in class, this is free reading 2NOT for at home reading.







reader response 2READER RESPONSE: This needs to be completed on Kidblog. I will be checking.

**Why is learning Greek/Latin Roots important? How can you use this information to decode unfamiliar words? Give examples.




  • We are in desperateĀ need pencils of any kind. HELP, PLEASE!pencils
  • The BOOK FAIR will continue through the rest of this week and will be open Friday evening before the musical, “The Wizard of Oz” begins.

Thanks for all you do, it is always appreciated.



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