A Scary Story Kind of Week…


scary stories 1Although Halloween is over, scary stories are still going to be in full force this week.  Today the planning page was completed and the rough draft started. Tomorrow the agenda calls for finishing the rough draft, reviewing transitions, and descriptive word choice. Wednesday the stories will be revised and edited, both individually and with peers and the flyer that goes with the story will be explained. Thursday there will be more work on the story and flyer and all will be due Friday. On Friday everything needs to be finished and ready to turn in. This sounds like a lot of work and this will only be part of the block each day. Busy, busy, busy…


ANNOUNCEMENTS:announcements 6

Announcements Nov 4

AGENDA – November 4, 2013

  • Free Read – Exit Ticket
  • Flowers for Algernon – discussion and questions
  • Planning Sheet for How To Write Your Own Scary Story How To Write Your Own Scary Story read write thinkrough draft
  • Begin writing rough draft – skip lines to allow space for revision, needs to be close to completion tomorrow


dry erase markersTomorrow we will using dry erase markers on the desks and all of our markers seem to be drying up. If anyone has any extra dry erase markers at home, please bring them in.





Huskie Spirit Wear is now on sale with the proceeds going to the 8th grade ELA team, which will mean good things for all of the students. Here is a copy of the order form: North ELA shirt order form



Do this on Kidblog and correct all of the mistakes. Mark the mistakes by underlining, highlighting, etc. The title for today’s blog is: Bell Work November 4, 2013.

“You got to mix them up, she showed? me” how. to mix! them) up,. and now; I can! mix up all kinds” of punctuation, in writing? There, are lots! Of rules? to lern; but im getting’g them in my head.

One thing I? Like about, Dear Miss Kinnian: (that’s the way it goes in a business letter if I ever go into business) is she, always gives me’ a reason” when—I ask. She’s a gen’ius! I wish I cou’d be smart” like, her; (Punctuation, is; fun!)”

**Helpful Tip: Copy and paste this onto your Kidblog and then you can correct all of the mistakes there. I have not counted the mistakes, so you can tell me tomorrow how many there are:)

See you tomorrow!


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