The Importance of Learning…


goalsToday there were several discussions about the importance of being at school and learning. The reason behind this was because some students are not working up to their potential, not turning work in, not working outside of class, not paying attention, and generally being lazy. In some instances there are behavior issues of not listening, talking, and disturbing others. The message behind these “talks” was that all students need to come to school ready to learn and ready to do what it takes to make this learning happen. This is not always an easy task to accomplish, but it is a task that will have lifelong rewards. Everyone needs to take a few minutes and think about what they, individually, could do to make class/school better for them.


Announcements Nov 5



  1. Block 3 – Collect Study Guides tomorrow
  2. Block 1 & 2 – Work on Achieve 3000. Remember try to get a 75% or above
  3. All blocks – Rough drafts need to be at least half-finished by tomorrow and a paper copy needs to be ready to use in class

ASSIGNMENT: Look at #3 under REMINDERS and write down the 7th word. Next, go to the 1st paragraph and write down the 11th word. Then go to the sentence under FUTURE REFERENCES and write down the 9th word. Go again to the 1st paragraph, the 2nd line and write down the 6th word. FInally, go to REMINDERS #3 and write the 21st word. Do not tell anyone what you wrote down. Make them find it for themselves. Give this to me as you walk into class tomorrow.


These are resources that you will need in class in the next few days.








flyer 2









flyer 3









flyer 4









Let’s make tomorrow a GREAT day!











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