Read the Blog, A Must Do..


read the blogI realize that I have posted this before, but it obviously bears mentioning again. Students need to read the blog EVERY night. This is where the news of the day, announcements, agenda, reminders, assignments, and many other things will be available. In order to have what is needed in class each day the blog must be read. This is considered an integral part of this course and reading it is an assignment that must be completed. There is and will be resources and information linked that will be needed to complete other tasks. In conclusion, reading the blog is MANDATORY! It does count toward the final grade.

announcements Nov 5ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Announcements Nov 6


  • Free reading – Exit Ticket
  • Flowers for Algernon – read discuss, answer questions
  • Pump Up Your Writing – PLUMP UP YOUR WRITING sentences (1st 5 sentences)
  • Discuss rough draft and flyers (announcements)


  1. Blocks 1 & 2 – 5 articles for Achieve 3000 will be due Tuesday
  2. Rough Drafts Completed – DUE TOMORROW
  3. Start planning for the content of your flyer/announcement, what info toflyer 2 include, who, what , when, where, why, cost, sponsored by, etc. Here are the guidelines Scary Story Flyer Guidelines. You will work on this is class, just start thinking about it.
  4. Do the blog task for today.


Today’s will be a really easy one. This week we will not do a Reader Response because there is a writing assignment is progress.

***Write the words “I have read the blog” in the lower right hand corner of the 1st page of your rough draft.

I hope to give everyone a 3+ tomorrow on the blog work!


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