HUSKIES: Behind the Books, Here We Go…


huskieAll of the 8th grade teachers and students, 425 of them, will be launching a service learning project called HUSKIES: Behind the Books this week. Here is the letter that will be sent to all of the North Junior High School feeder school, both principals and staff. Service Learning Project Principals We are asking that the students bring in either 3 postage stamps or the monetary equivalent ($1.50) to cover the postage on the 3 letters that the students will be sending to prospective donors. All parents should have received the following letter concerning this request: Huskies Behind the Books.

Thanksgiving is the time for giving. The North Junior High School StudentThanksgiving Council is again having their annual “Operation Helping Hands” food drive. The donations will be distributed to North families that need a little assistance this year. Each home room is responsible for collected certain items and $10.00. The following list is what every home room is responsible for: OPERATION HELPING HANDS. Please contribute what you can; it makes a difference in many families lives. Thank you for your generosity.

assignmentsIt seems as though many students are not working up to their potential. They are either not doing the work, at home or in class, or turning work in. This is a major problem for these students. The work we do builds skill upon skill and learning is not complete unless everything is completed and ready for class. Please think about what your goals are and how important it is for all work to be finished to the best of every student’s abilities.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:announcements 11

Announcements Nov 12


  • Explanation of project, HUSKIES: Behind the Books
  • Collect Scary Story Narrative Assignment – “Bat” page, rough draft, final copy, flyer
  • Vocabulary Unit 4, words 93-110 Unit 4 Vocabulary, Ways to Practicevocabulary words VOCABULARY WORDS – Ways to Practice
  • Flowers for Algernon – finish story tomorrow




  1. Assignment – bring three names of individuals or businesses you will send your project donation letters to. You will need the name, street address, city, state, zip code, & email, if possible.
  2. Blocks 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000 5 articles due next Monday

We are very excited about the HUSKIES: Behind the Books project. We are looking forward to working together with students, teachers, administrators, afamily members, and businesses to make this a huge success.




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