Calling All Donations…


huskey with glassesThe project, HUSKIES: Behind the Books, has officially been launched. The family letters have gone home, the business and personal donation letters are being finished and mailed, and the first donation came in today. Also, the 8th grade ELA teachers met with a reporter from the newspaper and the story should be in either tomorrow or Wednesday’s paper. This will be the first of many media features concerning this service-learning project. Tomorrow the students will begin learning about the resources they will be creating.

After the resources are completed, the students will be making decorativeglitter bookmarks. It would be great if everyone could bring in any extra decorating supplies, such as; markers, specialty scissors, glitter, glue, construction paper, tissue paper, etc. These supplies will be needed around November 25, 2013 (next week). The supplies do not have to be new, just bring in anything that might be at home. These bookmarks will be really special.

book donationsIf anyone is willing to donate either the books or money toward the project goal, it can be brought in to me. Anything that can be collected is greatlythanks you appreciated!  Thank you for all that you do…






Mrs. Schriber, the counselor, is scheduling appointments for each student to complete their high school enrollment. If you are going to attend North High School you need to call (435-0975) and make an appointment as soon as possible.



announcements 14ANNOUNCEMENTS:

Announcements Nov 18






  • Vocabulary Unit 4 (111-128)
  • Blocks 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books Donation Letters

REMINDERS: All of these are IMPORTANT today!

  1. HUSKIES: Behind the Books Donation Letters – send to me as soon as possible,
  2. Vocabulary Unit 4 (93-110) will be collected tomorrow
  3. Netbooks charged and ready
  4. Bookmark decoration supplies – before November 25
  5. Donations, if possible
  6. Quiet and ready to work – there is a lot to accomplish

Even though the holidays are right around the corner, there is a million things to do. Make sure and stay focused and complete all of the work ontry your best time. Everyone is depending on each other, especially to make this project a success.








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