Christmas Countdown Begins…



Get ready, set, go! The countdown to Christmas has begun. With only 14 school days left and a lot to accomplish, it will be a very busy time. As you can see, it is snowing on the blog, which adds to the Christmas spirit. Here are some of the things that we will be doing in the next few weeks; Acuity Predictive B, summative assessment unit 4, summative assessment unit 5 (figurative language), HUSKIES: Behind the Books resources & bookmarks, finishing the project and delivering everything to the feeder schools. This is aonly a few things – there are lots more, so rest up and be ready to work every day.

read aloudChristmas is a great time either give books or receive them. Although sometimes it is difficult to know what books to choose, so here is several lists to help with your decisions. Even if you are not buying books, this is an excellent to use at the library.

Hoosier Book Awards

Read Alouds Ageless 2013-2015 _single_

Read Alouds Buried Treasures 2013-2015 _single_

Read Alouds High School 2013-2015 _single_


HUSKIES Behind the Books small


HUSKIES: Behind the Books – Project Update

The project is really taking off. It was featured in the EVSC newsletter and a featured article in the Evansille Courier and Press. Since then the donations have incresed and as of now there is a total of $1,300.00 and lots of books. To make this really as successfula s we hope it will be we still need more donations of both money and books, so please encourage any one you know to help us with this service-learning project.


announcements 13


Announcements Dec 2

Announcements Dec 3




AGENDA (both today and yesterday):

  • Free Read – New Exit Ticket
  • Review ACUITY Diagnostice Test Practice
  • ACUITY Practice Test – online
  • Listen to Up A Slope & A Glow in the Dark
  • Compare/contrast graphic organizer for the two stories
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books Lesson Plans, Coloring Pages, & Resources



  1. Vocabulary Unit 4 – No Test
  2. Blocks 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000 Check next Monday (12/9) 10 articles for 2 weeks
  3. Free Read Exit Ticket – Due FridayExit ticket 2
  4. Netbooks charges and ready EVERY DAY!
  5. Keep bringing in books & donations for HUSKIES: Behind the Books



Coloring pages;   Coloring Page Template, Sight the Right Words – Grade 1 Coloring Page

Sight Words; Sight-Words-Primer, Sight-Words-First-Grade, Sight-Words-Second-Grade, Sight-Words-Third-Grade

Lesson Plans; Lesson Plan Sample kindergarten, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 1, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 2, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 3, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 4, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 5, Lesson Plan Sample Grade 6



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