Busy, Busy, Busy…


CHristmas packages

This what our classroom will look like when all of the books and resources are wrapped and ready to take to the North Junior High School feeder schools. It seems as though every day brings more and more to do, and that is a good thing, especially for the service-learning project. HUSKIES: Behind the Books is growing every day. It is amazing how many people are interested in investing in a project that promotes literacy.

Today all of the 8th garde ELA teachers went to the Scholastic Book Fair at the 4H booksCenter. We purchased lots of books with the money that has already been collected. We really enjoyed ourselves. Being around tons of books makes any ELA teacher happy!

library books

There seem to be a lot of LIBRARY BOOKS overdue. This is a problem. Please bring all library books back as soon as possible.





We, 8th grade students and ELA teachers, are sponsoring a fundraiser for thesubway HUSKIES: Behind the Books called LUNCH for LITERACY. Here is the flyer for this event: LUNCH for LITERACY. The cost is $7.00. All of the other information is on the flyer.



Announcements Dec 4


  • Free Read – Exit Ticket
  • Blocks 1 & 2 – Achieve 3000
  • Block 3 – Compare/Contrast story elements for Up a Slide & A Glow in the Dark


  1. ACUITY Predictive B tomorrow – Netbook charged and ready. This isacuity IMPORTANT!




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  1. Mrs. Kassenbrock,

    I was wondering if we were going to have any more blog assignments. I always check the blog thinking, “I will probably have an assignment on the blog today,” but we never do! I was just wanting to make sure that maybe somewhere along the lines, we were going to have at least one more.
    Cory Whitaker.

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