First Blog


Monday, September 22

This is a blog summary of what was done in class today along with a book summary, hope you find it helpful!                                                                                                                                                                                                 – Chloe & Alisha                                                                                         

  • Agenda-
    •  8.W.6.1.E;8.W.6.1 – DLR Week #7 Compound Sentences
    • 8.RL.2.1 INFERENCE – What’s In a Picture
    • 8.RN.2.1 INFERENCE – Nonfiction Explains Pow Toons
    • 8.W.4.A-B POINT OF VIEW – Speckled Band Intro to Writing Power Point
  • Schoolwork Done Today-
    • Compound Sentences
    • Inference
    • Nonfiction Pow Toons
    • Narrative Writing
    • Point of View
  • Reminders
    • Speech Meet
    • Reaching Out, Tomorrow
  • Interesting Fact of the Day: Fish don’t have eyelids.
  • Book Review: The Selection by: Kiera Cass

The Selection is a chance for any thirty-five girls, no matter their caste, of the country of Illea to swoon over and win the heart of the stunning prince Maxon. The opportunity to escape a life planned out for you since birth is every girls dream.Getting swept up in glitter and jewels would be ideal for any young lady, except for America Singer that is. America is in a dangerous relationship with the love of her life, Aspen; The only Fatal aspect of the relationship is that Aspen is a caste below America, which is highly frowned upon by society.

After constant pushing by both family and Aspen, America finally caves and fills out an application among thousands of other girls. While watching the capital report with her family America’s life will forever change. Along with thirty-five beautiful women from Illea, America gets shipped off to the palace. After getting to know Maxon, he gradually grows on her as she realizes the life with Apsen she had always planned may not turn out to be what she really wants.

                                  GO HUSKIES!


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