Tuesdays are Terrific

Tuesdays are Terrific

  Elizabeth .S, Logan .L, Grace. R

Hey huskies, incase you were unfortunate and missed Mrs.Kassenbrocks class or didn’t fill out your agenda here is what you will need to know:

(8.W.6.1),(8.W.6.2) DLR Week 7 Compound  Sentences

(8.W.1) “Reading” Video- Kidblog writing prompt

(8.W.4) Writing -Narrative- Point of View-Snow White

(8.RL.2.1),(8.RN.2.1) Point of View Manual


Football practice, speech meet, and a district cross country meet at Angel Mounds. Also check Google classroom everyday(www.classroomgoogle.com),Pay $5.00 ELA if you haven’t,The Outsiders $5.00 if you want to buy a book,and NEED KLEENEX.

Some skills we learned today are Narrative Point of View and using Powtoons (http://powtoons.com/) ,see agenda for standards.

MazeRunnerOn a side note a book we recommend is “The Maze Runner ” by James Dashner. Thomas wakes up in the lift, and the only thing he can remember is his name. His memory is blank, but he’s not alone. When the lift’s doors open, Thomas finds other kids who are just like him. They are trapped in the Glade—a large, open area surrounded by stone walls that move every night and morning. None of the Gladers know why or how they got to there. All they know is that the Glade is surrounded by a huge maze. And every 30 days a new boy gets delivered in the lift. But the day after Thomas comes, a girl is sent up—the first girl to ever arrive in the Glade. And more surprising yet is the message she delivers. Thomas learns he is more important than he could have ever thought.

Interesting Facts

1.Strawberry Point, Iowa is home to the ‘World’s Largest Strawberry’, which sits atop city hall.

  1. Common pesticides such as roach, termite and flea insecticide can be found in the bodies of majority of Americans.
  2. If you grew 100 apples from the seeds of the same tree, the new apple trees would all be different.


Go Huskies!!!!  


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  1. Hey Mrs. Kassenbrock it’s me​ Christopher Doyle Rivera Pease. I’m in high school now and I’m still getting your emails from last year in 8th grade. Is there any way that you can have it stop. If you can thank you. Oh and tell Mrs. Jones I said hi. Bye

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