Trendy Thursday


If you missed school today, here is what we did in class, and reminders. – Alisha and Chloe

  • Agenda
    • 8.W.6.1; 8.W.6.2 – DLR Week #7 – Compound sentences
    • Acuity Practice
    • 8.RL.2.1; 8.RN.2.1 – Finish POINT of VIEW Manual – Pow Toons
    • 8.W.3.3.A.E- Narrative Point Of View- Snow White
  • Reminders
    • Notebook Checks Begin Next Week
    • Buy the ” Out Siders” for $5 Next Friday- October 3rd
    • Retest Packets Will Be Ready September 29
  • Interesting Facts
    • Indiana is the 14th in the nation in terms of population

GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hi Mrs. Kassenbrock – This is Annalisa Porter, Will Porter’s mom, I just wanted to let you know that I just recently started getting your daily emails for the kids. Didn’t know if you were aware that I’m on the list. I know Will doesn’t want to do any more work than he has to even though he probably should 🙂

    Thanks, Annalisa Porter

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