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Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween everyone! Today is a more laid back day. We’re going to the book fair! We can each pick one book that will STAY IN MRS.KASSENBROCK’S classroom. We’re also watch a video, “How the Grinch Stole Halloween”.


  • DLR Week #12 – Commas QUIZ RETEST (8.W.6.2.B)
    • KIDBLOG: Halloween Prompt Day 5 (8.W.1)
  • Free Read (8.RL.1)
  • Vocabulary – Flowers for Algernon (1-20) RETEST (8.RV.1)
  • HALLOWEEN TREAT – Dr Seuss – Halloween is Grinch Night
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter (8.W.1)


  • Please bring your 3 stamps and envelopes ASAP!
  • We also need tissues.


  • There’s a $1,000 fine for using or selling Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween.
  • Halloween candy sales average about 2 billion dollars annually in the United States.
  • The fear of Halloween is known as Samhainophobia.
  • If you see a spider on Halloween, it is the spirit of a loved on watching over you.


-Leo Dillon



Good morning Huskies, here is the agenda for today:

• DLR Week #12 – Commas QUIZ (8.W.6.2.B)

• KIDBLOG: Halloween Prompt Day 4 (8.W.1)

• Vocabulary-Flowers for Algernon QUIZ – Hand in definitions, part of speech, & sentences. (8.RV.1)

• The Raven-Compare/Contrast (8.RL.3.1; 8.RL.4.1)

• HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter



  • We need stamps, so we will be able to send out the Huskies Behind the Books letters.
  • We also need Kleenex
  • November 7th is the Fun Friday Golf & Fun after school from 3-5pm. There will be a bus to Walters but parents/guardians will need to pick you up after.
  • The Medical Professions Academy’s open house starts at 6:30 pm on November 6th at Central  High School.

  • Veterans Day is November 11th, there will be no school.
  • North High School has a choir concert tonight at 7.

Interesting Facts:

  • Today is the 303 day of the year, 62 days left in the year.
  • Today is National Candy Corn Day.                                           
  • If Brach’s laid out the candy corn kernels it sells each year end to end,they would wrap around the Earth 4.25 times.
  • This week is International Magic Week.

Written by Gabi C. and Micah P.

Go Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!                             

Guess What day it Is…

Guess What day it Is…

Casey Winters and Jacob Larson

It’s Hump Day! Congratulations on surviving this week so far. Here’s what we’re doing today:

AGENDA – October 29, 2014
DLR Week #12 – Commas (8.W.6.2.B)                                                                                                 Extra commas practice:
KIDBLOG: Halloween Prompt Day 3 (8.W.1)
RETEST – Summative Unit 2 – 8.RL.3.2
The Tell Tale Heart-Listen to the story, Holt page 536 – (8.RL.1)
Video of story-on the museum webpage, under students
HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter (8.W.1)


-We are in dire need of Kleenex and stamps for Huskies: Behind the Books; please bring some in! Also bring your names and addresses in!

-Do your WIN surveys! When you don’t complete these surveys, you might get put into a class that you won’t enjoy. You also make harder work for Mr. Roemke and all WIN associated teachers! So remember to complete the survey!

-DLR Quiz tomorrow on commas

NJHS: A Summary

North Junior High School is a public school located in Evansville, Indiana, with the address of 15325 Highway 41 North. The school is a rather modern one, as it was established in 2011. The principle is Mr. Aaron Huff, while the assistant principle  being Ms. Kaycie Soderling. The colors are green, white, and black, and the mascot is the Huskies. It has a faculty of about 74, but only has grades 7-8 with about 775 students combined. The website for this school is We have a goal to be the best school in Indiana, and to finish off, the motto that we Huskies live by: “Carrying ourselves with husky P.R.I.D.E.” (Prepared Respectful individuals with Integrity Determined to Excel) NJHS is a great place for young people to learn!
Have a great Wednesday and GO HUSKIES!!!

Terrific Tuesday


Agenda:oct 28

  • DLR- Week 12
  • Kid Blog- Halloween Prompt Day 2
  • Edgar Allen Poe Web Quest (on the Poe Mueseum website)
  • Huskies Behind the Books Reasearch and Persuasive Letter

Standards Learned:

  • Commas- 8.W.2.6.B
  • Reasearch- 8.W.5
  • Persuasive Writing-8.W.3.3.A-E
  • Writing Letters- 8.W.1


  • Mrs. Kassenbrock can’t stress it enough how much we need stamps and envelopes for Huskies Behind the Books
  • We need Kleenex

What is Huskies Behind the Books?books

Huskies Behind the Books is a program that’s goal is to collect books, learning resources, and funding for Little Husky World, the North Attendance District’s daycare facility, and the Jacob Andrew Schriber Ball Wish Fund, which was established to provide wishes and funding for Special Education teachers in the EVSC. We will assemble resource packets for both students and teacher, and will be used with both organizations. “It is our goal to reinforce love, respect, and knowledge for literacy while simultaneously making literacy a practical part of children’s lives” says —-.

vice p


We Interviewed Mrs.Soderling, our new vice principal, about her experience her at North Junior High.

Q) How do you like North Junior High so far?

A) I love it. I feel very fortunate I got the job here. I really like to getting to know the teachers and students here.

Q) Have you been principal/teacher/secretary in any other school? If so, which one(s)

A) Yes, there is a lot:english teacher a Henderson and at Vincennes Lincoln, 7th at North Knox . curriculum director at North Knox, lead coach in Bosse district.

Q) What is your goal at NjHS?

A) Same as what it has been. We are on track to be there in the state as top performing. We are working on being the top in EVSC but I think we can be top in the state.

Q) Do you have any thing you want to change or enforce at NJHS?

A) No. There already good things here. I want to take what we have here and take it to the next level. I think the WIN ( What I Need) is very good.

Q) Where do you see yourself and NJHS in the future?

A) Leaders for other schools. I also see us being number one in the state.

Q) Do you have any ideas of clubs or after-school activities you want to start?

A) No I believe, students need to come up with them so the students will get more involved. Mr. Huff and other staff are open to new ideas that the students come up with.

Q) What are your expectations for NJHS?

A) I have a high standard. every student need to give 100% in behavior and school work.

Q) Are there any rules that you disagree with?

A) No, I came to the school to enforce the rules, not to change them.

Q) Bullying is a big issue in middle-school. What do you think kids our age (middle school) can do to stop it?

A) Kids need to recognize being a bystandard is just as bad as being a bully. They need to stand up for other people.

Mrs. Kassenbrock’s class wants to thank everybody who is following this blog. The students are now writing the blog. We appreciate your support and comments!

Go Huskies!- Emma Cato And Alisha McCormick

Everybody Loves Mondays!


“A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.” -Don Marquis


Hey Huskies it’s a wonderful, fabulous day: Monday!


If you happen to have missed school, here’s what you missed:


  • DLR Week #12 – Commas (8.W.6.2.B)
  • KIDBLOG: Halloween Prompt Day 1 (8.W.1)
  • History of Halloween – video – (8.RN.1)
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter (8.W.1)

Huskies: Behind the Books


As most of you know, our class has been helping with Huskies: Behind the Books. If you aren’t aware, this year, Huskies: Behind the Books is helping donating to Little Huskie World, a daycare for the North attendance district, and the Jacob Schriber Ball Wish Fund, which grants the wishes of Special Education teachers in EVSC for their students. We are going to write to different businesses asking for donations to our fund to buy books and other resources for both foundations. This is an extremely important thing for us to do as it gives us an opportunity for service learning and helps out our community. Don’t forget to bring your stamps and envelopes, because last year we earned over $5,000 through Huskies: Behind the Books, and this year we hope to gain even more!



  • EVSC Speech Tournament is today at Washington Middle School!

 north huskies

Go Huskies!

Busy Friday


Hello, Huskies! We have a VERY busy day. We have a DLR Retest, a Kidblog writing prompt, Vocabulary for Flowers for Algernon, and working on our fundraiser: Huskies Behind the Books, all before we leave for an assembly!

DLR Week #11 – Commas QUIZ RETEST (8.W.6.2.B)

  • Free Read (8.RL.1)
  • KIDBLOG Writing Prompt(8.W.1)
  • Continue Flowers for Algernon – story and comprehension questions 8.RL.1; 8.RN.2.1)
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books – Business Letter, Literacy, Personal Message (8.W.1; 8.W.5; 8.W.6.2; 8.W.3.3A-E)


Please bring in stamps and envelopes for our letters.

We are in desperate need tissues.

Fact of the Day

A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

-Leo Dillon


Theatrical Thursday


Hey Huskies!

Today’s Agenda & Standards

  • DLR Week #11 – Commas QUIZ (8.W.6.2.B)
  • Vocabulary – Flowers for Algernon #11-20. Test next week. (8.RV.1)
  • Continue Flowers for Algernon – story and comprehension questions 8.RL.1; 8.RN.2.1)
  • Allusion – Grade & discuss practice (8.RV.3.1)
  • HUSKIES: Behind the Books – Personal Persuasive paragraph to be included in donation letter (8.W.1 Write for Varied Purposes; 8.W.5 Short Research; 8.W.6.2 Conventions; 8.W.3.3A-E Argument & Persuasion)


  • Bring in stamps and envelopes for Huskies Behind the Books.
  • Last day to turn in Once Upon A Time story! If not turned in you will get no credit.
  • If you can bring in Kleenex.


If you didn’t already know this years musical is the one and only High School Musical! This year the musical is on November 14 and 15 at 7:00, so if you don’t have anything planned come on out and support your fellow Huskies in the musical. We have been working really hard on this musical, and we through in some pretty neat surprises, and I’m sorry but I can’t tell you what they are. Let’s just say you saw the musical last year and you thought it was awesome then you will be absolutely blown away again this year. And rumor has it that it’s supposed to be ten times better than last years performance.


Inspirational Quote of the Day

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