Totally Cool Thursday


Today is a very busy day. It is our day to go to the library. We also have a DLR Quiz over Complex Sentences, add to our Interactive Notebooks, and listen to the story “The Monkey’s Paw”. Tomorrow we are traveling over North High School to enjoy the play “The Outsiders”.

Agenda and Standards

  • DLR Week #8-Complex Sentences-QUIZ (8.W.6.1; 8.W.6.2)
  • VOCABULARY-Figurative (8.RV.1)
  • “Speckled Band” Graphic Organizer-Study Guide (8.RL.1; 8.RL.2.2)
  • “The Monkey’s Paw”-Listen to story, KIDBLOG writing prompt (8.RL.1; 8.W.1)

Reminders and Announcements

  • 8th Grade Football Game today at Bosse
  • Volleyball Tournament starts next Monday
  • Bring $5 if you want to purchase your own book “The Outsiders”

The real color of a Polar Bears fur is actually clear.

North 8th Grade Football

I’m Leo Dillon and I play on the 8th football team. We have a tough and difficult practice every week on Mondays – Wednesdays and then a game on Thursdays. I come home sometimes aching, but I know it takes hard work to be great. When we’re on the field we are all brothers and family. We work together, practice together, and play together!



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