Fun Friday



  • DLR Week #8 QUIZ RETEST (8.W.6.1; 8.W.6.2)
  • Free Read (8.RL.1)
  • R.L.Stine-Study Guide (8.RL.2.1; 8.RN.2.1; 8.RN.3.3)
  • WRITING-POINT of VIEW-Study Guide (food) (8.W.1; 8.RL.2.1; 8.RN.2.1)
  • Reminders-
    • We need Kleenex
    • If you want an “Outsiders” book bring in 5 dollars by TODAY
  • All retests need to be done by TODAY


Varsity game at F.J. Reitz

Congratulations to the North High School Golf Team!!! Good Luck at State!!!


  • Cats have over 100 different vocal sounds, while dogs only have 10
  • It was discovered on a space mission that frogs can throw up
  • A shark is the only fish that can blink with both eyes

This Blog was written by Sam and Dominic. We are from Mrs.Kassenbrocks 1/2 Honors Block at North Junior High School.

GO HUSKIES!!!!!!images (11)


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