Thrilling Thursday


Good morning Huskies!

By Ashley Cook and Lydia Allen

Agenda: R.L Stine movie day!

Reminders: Musical practice today until 4:30. The musical is November 14 and 15 so make sure you come out and see it!


8.w.1.1- Compound Sentences, Coordinating Conjunctions

8.RL.2.1/8.RN.2.1- Inference Fiction and Nonfiction

8.RL.3.2/8.RN.3.3- Authors Point of View

8.w.1- Writing for various purposes, audiences, tasks

8.w.4- Writing- Plan, Draft,  Revise, Edit, Rewrite

8.s1.2.1- Group Discussions- One-to-one, Group, Teacher Led

8.s1.4.2- Multi Media and Visual Display

8.RV.1- Vocabulary- GENRE

Fact of the Day: Albert Einstein was one of the two men to event the refrigerator in 1926.


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