Tasty Tuesday by Anna Corder and Claire Gardner


Hey Huskies, Here’s your information for today

  • DLR Week 10; commas (8.W.6.2.B.)
  • Read Flowers for Algernon (8.RL.1)
  • Study Guide: Comprehension Questions with Text Evidence (8.RL.2.1)
  • Introduce Huskies; Behind the Books Surface Learning Project
  • Discuss and Assign Figurative Writing Assignment(on Google classroom) due Wednesday (8.RV.3.1)

Reminders and Announcements

  • Remember to bring netbooks to class everyday CHARGED!
  • also, our third WIN session has begun so please remember to go to your correct classes
  • Remember Huskies, we are now selling many different flavors of ice cream during lunch periods in the extras line for only 75 cents

Interesting Facts of the Day

When you sneeze your heart stops for a millisecond

One time a man mailed a 40,000 ton brick house to across Utah in 1916

Pinocchio is Italian for pine head

Most lipstick contains fish scales          

Over 1000 birds die from smashing into windows

After school on Tuesdays, North Junior High now offers its very own bible group. Students in both 7th and 8th grades can go up to Mrs. Michel’s room and join in. One of our students started it. All are welcome in learning to better understand the Bible and learn to use it in school.

That’s all for today Huskies. Remember to have a great day and demonstrate huskie pride.



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