Terrific Tuesday


Agenda:oct 28

  • DLR- Week 12
  • Kid Blog- Halloween Prompt Day 2
  • Edgar Allen Poe Web Quest (on the Poe Mueseum website)
  • Huskies Behind the Books Reasearch and Persuasive Letter

Standards Learned:

  • Commas- 8.W.2.6.B
  • Reasearch- 8.W.5
  • Persuasive Writing-8.W.3.3.A-E
  • Writing Letters- 8.W.1


  • Mrs. Kassenbrock can’t stress it enough how much we need stamps and envelopes for Huskies Behind the Books
  • We need Kleenex

What is Huskies Behind the Books?books

Huskies Behind the Books is a program that’s goal is to collect books, learning resources, and funding for Little Husky World, the North Attendance District’s daycare facility, and the Jacob Andrew Schriber Ball Wish Fund, which was established to provide wishes and funding for Special Education teachers in the EVSC. We will assemble resource packets for both students and teacher, and will be used with both organizations. “It is our goal to reinforce love, respect, and knowledge for literacy while simultaneously making literacy a practical part of children’s lives” says —-.

vice p


We Interviewed Mrs.Soderling, our new vice principal, about her experience her at North Junior High.

Q) How do you like North Junior High so far?

A) I love it. I feel very fortunate I got the job here. I really like to getting to know the teachers and students here.

Q) Have you been principal/teacher/secretary in any other school? If so, which one(s)

A) Yes, there is a lot:english teacher a Henderson and at Vincennes Lincoln, 7th at North Knox . curriculum director at North Knox, lead coach in Bosse district.

Q) What is your goal at NjHS?

A) Same as what it has been. We are on track to be there in the state as top performing. We are working on being the top in EVSC but I think we can be top in the state.

Q) Do you have any thing you want to change or enforce at NJHS?

A) No. There already good things here. I want to take what we have here and take it to the next level. I think the WIN ( What I Need) is very good.

Q) Where do you see yourself and NJHS in the future?

A) Leaders for other schools. I also see us being number one in the state.

Q) Do you have any ideas of clubs or after-school activities you want to start?

A) No I believe, students need to come up with them so the students will get more involved. Mr. Huff and other staff are open to new ideas that the students come up with.

Q) What are your expectations for NJHS?

A) I have a high standard. every student need to give 100% in behavior and school work.

Q) Are there any rules that you disagree with?

A) No, I came to the school to enforce the rules, not to change them.

Q) Bullying is a big issue in middle-school. What do you think kids our age (middle school) can do to stop it?

A) Kids need to recognize being a bystandard is just as bad as being a bully. They need to stand up for other people.

Mrs. Kassenbrock’s class wants to thank everybody who is following this blog. The students are now writing the blog. We appreciate your support and comments!

Go Huskies!- Emma Cato And Alisha McCormick


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