Good morning Huskies, here is the agenda for today:

• DLR Week #12 – Commas QUIZ (8.W.6.2.B)

• KIDBLOG: Halloween Prompt Day 4 (8.W.1)

• Vocabulary-Flowers for Algernon QUIZ – Hand in definitions, part of speech, & sentences. (8.RV.1)

• The Raven-Compare/Contrast (8.RL.3.1; 8.RL.4.1)

• HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter



  • We need stamps, so we will be able to send out the Huskies Behind the Books letters.
  • We also need Kleenex
  • November 7th is the Fun Friday Golf & Fun after school from 3-5pm. There will be a bus to Walters but parents/guardians will need to pick you up after.
  • The Medical Professions Academy’s open house starts at 6:30 pm on November 6th at Central  High School.

  • Veterans Day is November 11th, there will be no school.
  • North High School has a choir concert tonight at 7.

Interesting Facts:

  • Today is the 303 day of the year, 62 days left in the year.
  • Today is National Candy Corn Day.                                           
  • If Brach’s laid out the candy corn kernels it sells each year end to end,they would wrap around the Earth 4.25 times.
  • This week is International Magic Week.

Written by Gabi C. and Micah P.

Go Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!                             


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