November 3, 2014 DLR Week #13 –

Active & Passive Voice (8.W.6.1.B)

Read Raymond’s Run – Holt page 547 (8.RL.1)

Allusions – Study Guide Notes (8.RV.3.1)

KIDBLOG – Writing Prompt – Explain what an ALLUSION is and how it is used in the story Flowers for Algernon. In the story the people Charlie works with use the phrase “pulling a Charlie Gordon”. What does this mean and why do they say it? What are your thoughts on using a phrase such as this? (8.W.1.)

HUSKIES: Behind the Books – research (8.W.5); persuasive paragraph (8.W.3.3.A-E); letter (8.W.1



*Bring stamps and envelopes for letters.


Cool and interesting facts:

*on average you breathe 5 million times a year

*months that begin on a saturday always have a friday the thirteenth

*you are born with 300 bones and by the time you’re an adult you’ll have 206

*The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump.

by Darrah Alcantara and Jonathan brazel


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