Winter Wednesday


Hello Huskies,

Q: Guess what day it is ?  A: Huummmppp Daayyyy!camel


Daily Agenda for Wednesday:

*DLR Compare/Contrast The Outsides Darry NHS play and the novel  (8.RL.3.1)

*Free Reading Exit Ticket-due Friday to check (8.RL.1)

*Close Reading “Europe’s Warm Weather” Practice (8.RN.2.3;8.RN.3.2)

*Partner Practice-Close Reading and Notification Article -”Is This the Only Earth” (8.RN.2.3;8.RN.3.2)

*Writing Assignment-Compare and Contrast – (8.W.1)

Reminders/Announcements: PLEASE  BRING IN KLEENEX! Our class is completely out of tissues.kleenex

Don’t forget to bring in the items for our Helping Hands Thanksgiving baskets! Also we need money to buy the turkey/ham! The last available day to bring items in will be November 21, THIS FRIDAY! Also basketball season has started up, so be checking the calendar for home games. You must go home and then come back for the game at 5;30, and you must have citizenship.

Skills/Standards- This week we are working on dashes(-) for DMR.

Here are some practice websites for dashes: 1.


We have also been working on persuasive and argumentative writings. Don’t forget that the persuasive writing for e-days due date is tomorrow. The requirements are on google classroom if you need to know what to do. Some of our work has been posted on google classroom incase you need to get caught up. Also be checking google classroom EVERYDAY.

Personal interest story: I would just like to give a quick shout out to all the cast and crew of the musical. I’m so sad it has come to an end, yet I know we are all happy to go home before 8:00 now. We grew close and you could say we are a family. Thank you everyone who put all their time and effort into the show. Also thanks to all those you came out to support the musical. I’m so happy I got to make so many new friends and learn the ends and outs to a real show. Thank you for all the memories, we’re all in this together. -Grace Rainey

Ok huskies, that’s a wrap and remember to be on you absolute best behavior because we have a special guest coming to visit us today and thank you Mrs.Kassenbrock for letting your first block take over the blog, you rock. Go Huskies!!!

Elizabeth Smith and Grace Rainey


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