Freezing Friday


Hey Huskies!  Welcome to jean and hoodie day on this Freezing Friday!  Brrrrrr…  Let’s see what’s in store for today.


  • FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Unit 4 (8.RL.2.2; 8.RL.2.3; 8.RL.3.1; 8.RV.3.3)
  • Finish anything not completed this week

Today is the day that our Thanksgiving baskets were finished!  Everybody did an amazing job bring in the items and decorating our baskets!  You just helped many family, some including students from our very school, have a very good and nice Thanksgiving dinner.


  • We can always use more tissues!


Practice your work!  Here are some websites with worksheets and instructions to help you.



If you are having trouble trying to figure out a pathway to take and what to be when you get older, I highly recommend using and .  This can help you figure out your carrier.


Quote of the Day~”The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.”~Walter Bagehot

images (1)

Fun Facts:

  • Winter lasts for 21 years on Uranus
  • Only male turkeys gobble, female turkeys click.
  • Cats can’t taste sweets.
  • Lions spend around 20 hours a day resting.
  • Young giraffes sometimes moo.



Have a good day and don’t forget to be musical.  ♪♫

This is Madyson Lowe and Grace Johns signing off.

Go Huskies!


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