Moody Monday


Good morning Huskies!

Today’s Agenda:

  • No DLR
  • Free Read (8.RL.1) – Exit Ticket Due WEDNESDAY
  • Summative Unit 3 Retest #1
  • Review formative Unit 4 – maybe, if time permits
  • S.E. Hinton Video
  • Study Guide – Theme – first example (8.RL.2.2)
  • Continue The Outsiders



  • All eighth graders remember to get an appointment with Mrs.Schriber.
  • We need tissues!!!
  • This week is only a three day week due to Thanksgiving.

Check the Kid Blog list to see if you have all the blogs done. The lists are in the front and back of Mrs. Kassenbrock’s room.

images (1)

Riddle of the day:

Q: What is the center of gravity?

A: V

Theme Practice:


As you all know Thanksgiving is on Thursday of this week! Thanksgiving is a special time of the year where we can be thankful for the yummy food we have, our warm houses, and most importantly our families. Getting together and spending time with family is one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving. Sure the home cooked meals are good, but there is nothing better than sharing it with your family. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope everyone has a wonderful break.

31 days until Christmas!

Go Huskies!!!

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