Marvelous Monday (:



*DLR Week 16- Participles

*Kidblog- Chap. 3/4 – Title: The Outsiders Chapter 3 & 4

*Vocabulary- Chap. 3/4 – Write a paragraph (7 of 10 words)

*Plot Diagram

*Title Activity (Maybe tmrw)

*The Outsiders (continue)


*There are 6 Kidblogs left to do, so we’ll have to pick it up and do 2 a week!

*TISSUES!!!! These are always needed, definitely with the winter colds coming up!

*Our class picture was included in the Sunday paper yesterday! We were so glad to have the opportunity to give back to the community during the thanksgiving holidays. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Skills/Standards Learned:

*Today we learned about participles during DLR (Daily Language Review)! Participles are usually formed by adding -ed or -ing to a verb. Also, it functions as an adjective.

Mocking Jay Part 1

*Following her rescue from the awful Quarter Quell, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) awakes in disbelief  beneath the supposedly destroyed District 13. Her home, District 12, has been destroyed, and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) is now brainwashed by President Snow, and forced to say things he doesn’t agree with. At the same time, Katniss also finds out about a secret rebellion spreading throughout Panem. A rebellion that she must lead as the Mocking Jay, so the districts might never have to endear the pain of the Capital ever again. Mocking Jay Part 1 is an amazing movie that just came out around last week. It will have you hooked and leave you with suspense. I’ve already seen it twice and absolutely loved it! 


GO HUSKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written by: Macy Street & Olivia Brawdy

NJHS 8th Grade ELA, Mrs. Kassenbrock’s Class


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